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If you’re as impressed by the results below as these clients were then you need to reach out to Declan.

Nutrition was the main element to all these success stories and Declan recently qualified as an MNU Certified Nutritionist to ensure he is top of his game in this field.

MNU Cert

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David Kelly:

“I have lost 15kg in the last 12 weeks and it has been tough, at times I was thinking what the hell am I doing, why is it 9am on a Saturday morning and I’m doing a 10km run, am I losing my marbles. Although, it has been tough, I haven’t missed out on much socially, I’ve been out a number of times at weddings and to the pub with friends etc.”

A quote from the man himself whose photos tell the story of his journey under my nutrition and exercise guidance.

Click here for the article with his whole story which is full of hints and tips.

This video gives you an idea of David’s early progress and how he felt halfway through.

Ruairí Farrelly:

“There was a suit I bought a few years ago that I don’t know how I ever fit into it and I tried it on there a couple of weeks ago and now it’s too big at the moment!!! That was a great boost as well. A goal I had was to fit into that suit at that start point so that was what I was working towards.”

Like a boss!
Like a boss! The aforementioned suit which now requires a belt 🙂

Ruairí is currently down 17kg and we’ve been working for slightly more than 4-months together.

Click the link below this paragraph for the blog post of his unbelievable results – the article includes a video interview with the man himself. Checking these out could make all the difference on your health and wellness journey. There are just so many top tips from somebody who has and is still going through the process.

Ruairí’s inspirational 17-kg weight loss story – click here to read

Ruairí’s Inspirational 17-kg weight loss story

He lost 15kg over our initial 12 weeks working together – incredible result! Here he is before and after our initial three month weight loss journey.

Here is his recap of that same journey at halfway. It’s full of helpful weight loss hints.

Ruairí has decided to continue working with me for another three months and has shown great initiative in coming up with this plan in order to shed another 15kg.

Roux's Plan

It’s clear that if you fail to plan to get healthier then you should plan to fail. Ruairí’s plan shows how we plan to succeed.

Michael Adye-Curran

Down 10kg over the 12-week period. Excellent results!!!

Here’s a couple of snaps of along the way on his journey.

Here is his 12-week before and after photos showing his immense progress during our “I lose Charity wins challenge”.

Mick was also straight on the ball on the nutrition side of things. First day of the challenge and he did a grocery shop.

From then he followed a good food prep routine and stuck to fairly consistent meal patterns that he knew would mean he burns more calories than he takes in meaning weight loss 🙂

Claire Gates (has lost 17kg in total since we have started working together):

“At my heaviest I was 77kg and I am now 65kg. So, my overall weight loss since meeting Declan is 12kg. When I started the ‘Drop a Jean Size Challenge’ in January, I weighed in at 73kg (photo top-left below), so that’s 8kg down thanks to this initiative alone. My goal was 65kg and I just hit it.”

That extract is taken from a piece Claire wrote for my blog in April 2019 – since then she has lost a further 5.1kg to get to 59.9kg (see photo in bottom right of here at this current weight).

She sums up her weight loss journey beautifully in the following contributions to the blog on this website.

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