Mentorship involves:

  • Providing goal setting advice.
  • Having accountability check-ins from start to completion of your project.
  • Sharing implementation expertise throughout the journey.

Mentorship services are offered in the following areas:

  • Client projects such as book and thesis writing.
  • Running sales and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs.
  • Exam preparation for students/workers for professional/academic exams.

Not only will you see how to map for success there will be the guidance you need along the way to stay on route and unlock your potential 💪💪

Recent Client Testimonial

.. Suzannah O’Neill ..


I had Declan as my mentor for 100minds, an Irish social enterprise project for university students. I organised fund-raising events with his help for charity, events which tied in with my own skills and interests. He was instrumental in helping me to plan the events, I couldn’t have done it without him! Declan was encouraging and constantly motivated me to keep up the momentum to reach our €1,000 fundraising goal. We did lots of brainstorming and he gave me tips and tricks which greatly improved my project. His determination and enthusiasm was so infectious; I thoroughly enjoyed completing the project with him. In the end we raised €1,760, a fantastic result with the help from a fantastic guy!



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