Life Coaching

Unlock your Potential:

1 on 1 coaching

by Life Coach Declan Treanor

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Performance, Health and Wellbeing Expertise Provided on:

1. Body composition 2. Optimal nutrition
3. Exercise and movement plan 4. Precise goal setting
5. Clarity and focus on what’s important 6. Positive self-talk
7. A better night’s sleep 8. Rise and shine morning routine
9. Best use of your time – pitfalls/solutions 10. More optimal energy use and levels
11. To-do list management 12. Office and house clear out

*The majority of life coaching clients have worked with me for over 6-months. This is about life changing positive habits which are not achieved overnight. This service includes a weekly accountability and action plan catch-up.

Once off consultations on the following areas are also offered:

Nutrition Optimisation

  • 45-minute in depth consultation.
  • Follow up notes and in depth recommendations are provided to the client to follow.

Performance Surgery

  • 1 on 1 health, wellness and performance consultancy to help you towards peak performance.
  • Completely confidential with a follow up plan provided. Follow-up accountability check-ins also available.

Office and home clear out and to-do list spring clean

  • Overwhelmed by all the things you are not doing? Then this is for you.
  • When we have cluttered files and home spaces this stresses our minds. I provide a full day guided service whereby we clear out your home or office space so you feel a clear mind in a clear space.
  • Importantly we also go through your to-do list and get it all put into a manageable and tidy storage system.
  • It’s only when you are comfortable knowing everything that you are not doing (because it’s captured) that you can feel fully comfortable with what you are doing.

Typical Life Coaching Clients to-date

  • Weight loss. Some incredible results including two current clients with over 10kg weight loss and one with over 20-kg lost.
  • One client is on the verge of finishing a book and I have guided her along the way with strict targets, accountability check-ins and mindset/self-belief advice.
  • Another client is preparing for a half marathon so checks in with me for training and nutrition tips to stay on top of his game.
  • Lastly, I have also offered general performance coaching for a busy professional looking to be at the top of his game at work and in getting some personal filing/to-do management and project goals achieved.


Contact Declan for more details:

  2. +32 (0) 483 67 21 14

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.. Veronika Kutilova’s Review ..

Review given on 09/09/2019

Veronika Kutilova Review

.. Mark Cunningham’s Review ..

The Craic

I was sitting at home mid October. Kids called me fatty, 14 stone in weight (90kg) and 30% body fat. Met Declan, almost died at the wow session, but signed up for 3 classes a week. I have met a great bunch of people, changed my diet and am in a much better place physically. In the last 7 weeks I have lost 3.5kg, 3.5% of body fat (note the correlation) and I have changed my diet. Go Matcha tea and tuna. I will play GAA this weekend with my 3 boys and will not be exhausted. Still a lot of progress to make but getting there. Thanks Declan for all the support. It goes to show not everything you hear about Dubs is true!

.. Claire Gates’ Review ..

.. Sylvia McCarthy’s Review ..

Sylvia skipping her way to health and wellness

I walked into the gym that first day with my head down. I had the motivation, but I needed the encouragement to go with it. Since working with Declan, I feel much more positive about my own strengths (physical and mental) and I walk around the gym (even in the free weight “testosterzone”) with plenty of confidence. Thanks Declan for all the support and encouragement!


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