Life Coaching

Exercise sessions which target fat loss, building fitness levels, improved body shape and feel. Feel refers to the work we will do on body mobility (strength to control movements), flexibility (range of movement) and posture. Many are pleasantly surprised with the unexpected level of improvement in body feel and general energy as a result of sessions.

An emphasis is placed on safe technique and gradual progress towards your goals.

Members also receive nutritional feedback in the 15 minutes following gym sessions and consistently on our Whatsapp group. Many kg’s have been lost by participants in our “drop a jean size challenge” and “you lose charity wins weight loss challenge”.


Coach (middle) and trainers work together towards health goals.

Declan is a REPs accredited (Register of Exercise Professionals) Personal Trainer.

In addition he holds a national certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and a diploma in Sports Psychology (with distinction).

He only works with people who are truly motivated to exercise and fuel themselves to become happier and healthier individuals.

Check out the reviews below – these have all been directly copied from the Performance Treanor facebook page.

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.. Veronika Kutilova’s Review ..

Review given on 09/09/2019

Veronika Kutilova Review

.. Mark Cunningham’s Review ..

The Craic

I was sitting at home mid October. Kids called me fatty, 14 stone in weight (90kg) and 30% body fat. Met Declan, almost died at the wow session, but signed up for 3 classes a week. I have met a great bunch of people, changed my diet and am in a much better place physically. In the last 7 weeks I have lost 3.5kg, 3.5% of body fat (note the correlation) and I have changed my diet. Go Matcha tea and tuna. I will play GAA this weekend with my 3 boys and will not be exhausted. Still a lot of progress to make but getting there. Thanks Declan for all the support. It goes to show not everything you hear about Dubs is true!

.. Claire Gates’ Review ..

.. Sylvia McCarthy’s Review ..

Sylvia skipping her way to health and wellness

I walked into the gym that first day with my head down. I had the motivation, but I needed the encouragement to go with it. Since working with Declan, I feel much more positive about my own strengths (physical and mental) and I walk around the gym (even in the free weight “testosterzone”) with plenty of confidence. Thanks Declan for all the support and encouragement!


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