Declan Treanor

Declan Treanor


My Why!

Our names and our pasts do not define us. Living and acting with passion and perseverance in the present does.

My why is to help people like you to unlock your potential through training the mind, body and soul!

Check out the video to see how people and their organisations are training to perform for healthier, happier and more productive living right now.



The following organisations have realised 75% of their employees success comes from their optimism levels, social support and ability to see stress as a challenge and not a threat. They brought me in to offer new ideas in order to help their staff personally develop and in turn create a happier, healthier and more energetic work environment!


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Here is an easily shareable CV of my organisational work (schools and companies). You can easily download it by clicking this link:

Declan Treanor – Health and Wellness – Motivational Speaker


The other half of what I do is Health Coaching of individuals to thrive in life through exercise sessions and nutrition guidance.

I reside in Brussels and am a REPs accredited (Register of Exercise Professionals), fully qualified Personal Trainer. This qualification includes a national certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity.

I am in the process of becoming an MNU certified nutritionist in May, 2020.

I work with people to target and obtain:

– Weight loss, toning, fitness, flexibility and strength.

– Better and more enjoyable eating and hydration habits to fuel an energetic, productive and satisfying day.

– Performance through mind, body and soul metrics like rest, inner work, meaningful goals, helping others, mapping for success and improved focus.


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Want to hit stretch targets despite any obstacles in your way?

I have achieved and am still happily achieving at high levels in business, coaching and sport (see Dublin photo below). I will help you find what it takes to hit your goals while enjoying the process.


Carlow v Dublin - Bord Na Mona O'Byrne Cup First Round


You will have support and accountability to help you towards your desired outcome.

Having suffered the debilitating effects of performance anxiety particularly in the field of sport, I feel it important to share information that can help others overcome whatever is holding them back.

As you can see there is no stopping the awesome people I work with!


Working up a sweat


Please take a look at the different sections of the site. Check out the blog section to see articles on top performers and health promoting behaviours. There is also further information on our services in the health coaching and corporate workshop sections which include many references.

Then, this is the important part – get in touch or act on the information to make a change for the better.

Unlock your potential!