Corporate Workshops

Come to us if you want happier and more productive staff. We help employees and workplace teams perform to the best of their ability. We offer a range of corporate workshops that take what we have learned from performance psychology and performing in high pressure environments and apply it to the workplace.



Our top three workshops (along with videos):


Overcome Performance Anxiety and Relish the Challenge to Unlock your Potential – the Secrets Revealed.

  • How to overcome the world’s biggest fear – Public Speaking.
  • Develop assertiveness skills for a more confident you.
  • Grit, growth and gratitude hold the key to your happiness.



Goal Setting and Focus Tips – a Roadmap to Make your Dreams a Reality.

  • The key of knowing your 1 thing.
  • The SMART goal setting model has the gems of wisdom you need.
  • Personal life and work goals – how to separate them while ensuring they benefit your life as a whole.



Workshop : Exercise and Nutrition for a Happier, Healthier and more Fruitful you

  • Posture guidelines and stretching routines to feel better.
  • Working out tips and how to fuel your body optimally for sport.
  • Develop empowering eating habits, ways to stop bingeing and learn how to eat mindfully.



The following organisations have realised 75% of their employees success comes from their optimism levels, social support and ability to see stress as a challenge and not a threat. They brought me in to offer new ideas in order to help their staff personally develop and in turn create a happier, healthier and more energetic work environment!



Custom workshops can also be developed.


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