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Simply put, I am the key to help people unlock their full potential at work. Please stick with this description until the end as there is a great offer if you do.

As an employer, you most likely want your employees to perform to the best of their ability, thus improving your company performance and reducing down-time and low productivity (caused by poor morale, attitudes and coping mechanisms). The great news is that improving performance is moving into your hands.

My corporate workshops revolve around physical, mental and emotional health. Look at the main topics covered in this PDF document along with information on my other corporate services (conference energisers, 1 on 1 performance surgery and keynote speeches). Should you require more information on me or the evolution and success of these workshops, then there is an in-depth Powerpoint for your attention. My talks are not just theoretical but contain exercise-based learnings which help to ensure tangible and profound take-aways. Not to mention the potential to continuously improve at work.

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Recent Workshop Feedback

IMPORTANTLY if you are joining me from the Irish Independent newsletter then I’ve developed a new 30-minute workshop on 3 productivity killers at work that are negatively impacting people and teams. If employees take half as much as I think they can from this, then believe me you will be happy with the results. This has recently been well received at the UN. A staff member reported back to me – “Declan. You had an IMPACT on the staff. They all liked it and are asking for more”.

I want to offer you and your staff this very same 30-minute workshop, FREE! This will give you an idea of the quality you can expect should you pursue some of my corporate services.

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More recent workshop feedback

Please make sure this information is passed on to the right people in your network. Health, wellness and performance advocates are a little rarer than I’d like so we need to spread the good word together

My goal in 2020 is to reach at least 3,000 people in Europe through my presentations. I would love if you can help me on this epic journey.

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If you are keen for social proof then scroll to the bottom for some company reviews but first I will bring you through my corporate service portfolio:

Here are 14 workshops which I currently offer as part of my thriving at work portfolio.


Performance, health and wellbeing workshop modules:

1. Move and Stretch to Perform 2. Nutrition and Fuel to Perform
3. Map for Success 4. Apply Laser Focus
5. A More Assertive You 6. Public Speaking with Poise
7. A Better Night’s Sleep 8. Rise and Shine Morning Routine
9. Best Use of your Time – Pitfalls/Solutions 10. More Optimal Energy Use and Levels

11. Creative Solution Generation

12. Rejuvenating Downtime
13. Thrive while Travelling with Work 14. Returning from Parental Leave Optimally

Workshops can be packed together and tailored to your needs.

Team Building Days/Events: 

  • Physical, mental and emotional tasks and games to help build team cohesion while having fun.
  • See your colleagues in a different light  through building empathy and expanding your comfort zone. 

Keynote Speeches:

  • What corporate teams can learn from sports teams in their quest for continuous improvement.
  • Unlock your potential through the mind, body and soul. A roadmap!

Performance Surgery:

  • 1 on 1 health, wellness and performance consultancy to help your employee towards peak performance.
  • Completely confidential with a follow up plan provided. Follow-up accountability check-ins also available.

Conference Energiser:

  • 15 or 20-minute health and wellness energisers during a half or full day conference to keep participants energy, engagement and enthusiasm up.


Company/Employee Reviews 

Here are some post workshop company/employee reviews containing some gems of wisdom learned and shared in the sessions:


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What they had to say on our public speaking and assertiveness workshops?

XPlus Review

Ice breaker game to have some “fun” before the tips for “more performance and corporate health.”


European Commission



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What they had to say on our team away day?



Maltese Permanent Representation to the EU

Malta Perm Rep

What they had to say during our wellness week?


Union for Unity (U4U) lunch time wellness workshop series.


What a participant had to say?


All that is left is to reach out:

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