Corporate Workshops


I help people and teams perform to the best of their ability. One of the most important areas is at work. I offer a range of corporate workshops that take what I have learned from performance psychology and performing in high pressure environments and apply it to the workplace.


My top three workshops (along with videos):


Overcome Performance Anxiety and Relish the Challenge to Unlock your Potential – the Secrets Revealed.

  • How to overcome the world’s biggest fear – Public Speaking.
  • Develop assertiveness skills for a more confident you.
  • Grit, growth and gratitude hold the key to your happiness.



Goal Setting and Focus Tips – a Roadmap to Make your Dreams a Reality.

  • The key of knowing your 1 thing.
  • The SMART goal setting model has the gems of wisdom you need.
  • Personal life and work goals – how to separate them while ensuring they benefit your life as a whole.



Workshop : Exercise and Nutrition for a Happier, Healthier and more Fruitful you

  • Posture guidelines and stretching routines to feel better.
  • Working out tips and how to fuel your body optimally for sport.
  • Develop empowering eating habits, ways to stop bingeing and learn how to eat mindfully.



Custom workshops classes can also be developed.


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