As busy and highly motivated people please don’t fall into this trap when it comes to exercise, nutrition and mindset.

Bullshit excuse for no exercise

Simple exercise solution:

Now I’m not saying there won’t be days where an hour long workout won’t be possible, so on days like that please try and make the minimal effort and give this 5-minute better than nothing workout a go.

Easy steps to improved nutrition:

A busy work/life schedule should never be used as an excuse not to treat your body well through the fuel you feed it. Remember that your body is the most important vehicle in your life – the one through which you experience the moments of your life – yes, even more important than a ferrari if you’re lucky enough to have one 😉 Get your nutrition right with this article and podcast based on an interview with world class nutritionist Danny Lennon. 5 steps to better nutrition.

Quick way to treat and ease your mind:

Lastly, when we are busy we can make the mistake of blundering from one task to another in an ineffecient manner. Step out of being flustered with this oh so simple 3-minute mindfulness practice.

Any questions, comments or jokes in way of reply are always welcome.


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