We have feelings and emotions for a reason.

And yes, while we have ancestral links to previous times when being excluded or ousted from a group meant grave danger (and thus anxiety — you are now at the bear’s mercy with no backup) this should also not be seen as an excuse to label stresses or worries as insignificant or no longer relevant.

Mindfulness and recognition of thoughts and emotions, in my opinion is not a way of avoiding emotions but to deal with them in an optimal way.

Sometimes we are not sure exactly why we are angry/sad etc. etc. — in that case, a few breaths, a walk, something to calm you down can be useful to avoid snapping at somebody unfairly and unnecessarily.

Then we can note that emotion and choose to give some time to reflect on it at a later stage — slow walking can be a great tool to reflect on such emotions or chatting to a trusted other or even thinking in ink and putting it all down on paper.

This can help us to arrive at the root cause and come up with a plan to deal with it as best we can.

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