Gerard Hanney and I have been working together since January of this year. We have targeted nutrition and exercise optimisation.


Gerard exemplified a positive attitude when the running events he had been targeting this year got canceled and he decided that he would go ahead and push himself to complete the distance anyway. He did this on the same day that the Brussel’s 20km was due to take place (31st of May). The other event he missed out on was the half marathon in Luxembourg on May 23rd.

He had been sent his brother’s running exploits in the lead up to his 21km run which no doubt helped him with his motivation to give it his all.

Here is his post run summary and personal review which contains gems of wisdom for all you runners or aspiring runners.


Post-run review:

I decided to change a bit my run/walk ratio/timings to suit better the circuit of approx 2.5 km.
Instead of running for 6M40 then Walking for 20 Seconds repeated 21 times,
I estimated that I would need approx 16 minutes running to get almost the whole way around then added 30 seconds for the brisk walk,
so ( 16 Mins Jog; 30 Secs Brisk Walk ) X 8 and a bit times.


The circuit is roughly rectangular with 2 sides fairly level and the perpendicular streets slightly sloping uphill and downhill respectively, therefore I ran alternatively clockwise then anti-clockwise directions, to balance out the climbs/descents.

After ~ 30 minutes I ate 1 Decathlon Aptonia fruit bar with 50 cl water.
Then 1 hour later, I swallowed a 41g portion of PowerBar Powergel, with ~ 200 cl water.
About the 19 km mark I drank a small bottle of V8 Vegetable juice. This I found really helped.
Near the end, a small bottle of water.

After the run I ate a Lucho Dillitos Columbian Energy Block and drank an alcohol free beer once I got home.


The conditions were ideal. Cool, clear sky, slight wind.

I had my daughter to carry supplies & my gear, from about 1 hour onwards, so I did not have to carry a pouch with water bottles & food.

I kept my average heart rate in my target zone. The average was below 163.


It was tough running alone, (especially the first 2 km & last couple of kms when my legs were reminding my of the 40 km cycle I did on Wednesday), without any company or the normal atmosphere of an ING Half-Marathon.

But, I am happy with my times. Nearly everything went to plan.

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