What is more important to you?
Many of you may answer time.
That’s because you can not get time back no matter how hard you try.
But you may not behave in a manner that backs up this answer…
You would never leave your wallet out haphazardly for anyone to be able to come along and take a 10,20 or 50.
Then why do we often leave our calendars so exposed to others requests?
Agreeing to something we’re not too keen on just because it is far off and then later regretting the decision.
Or even shorter term agreeing to something just because we are afraid to say “no”.
If this resonates then now is the time to pay close attention.
This Sunday’s Zoom Workshop – Schedule Optimisation and Higher Energy Levels

What you will learn:

– Protecting your calendar for your most meaningful work by learning to say no in a manner that actually improves your relationshps and trades popularity for respect.

– Calibrating your energy levels to the tasks which you do – believe me when I say that this can be a game changer!
– Helpful hacks and hints that can keep those energy levels topped up throughout the day without relying on coffee and sugary snacks.

Comment “all in” to receive the log in details.

Declan “Trade Popularity for Respect” Treanor

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