Everybody is ranting and raving about Michael Jordan.

You see there is a series about him and the Bulls basketball team which he played for.

They dominated a decade of basketball at the highest level.

Now the problem is a lot of people see that and think, “well, he was just a freak of nature”, “he just had it…”


He didn’t just “have it”. He showed up!

He showed up training after training, gym session after gym session, interview after interview and game after game until he became the player the world came to love.

People often don’t think about the daily commitment that goes into building greatness.

And this is why I want you to spend most of your time thinking about the process and not the end goal.

People may congratulate you when you’ve hit the end goal but you need to be the one who is your own driver of improvement and biggest fan when nobody is watching or patting you in the back.

MJ also said what fuelled him was that he felt an onus to deliver for the fans who came to watch.

Realising that our dedication to personal development benefits others too is important.

We will be more patient with them, more energetic for our time with them and perhaps even inspire them to want to improve themselves.

My Peak Performance Code will help you on the key aspects of health and wellness – nutrition, recovery & recuperation, physical activity, mindset and daily life improvements.

And remember that you are like a chalice – efforts on your health and wellness keep that chalice filled to the brim to share with others.

If you spend all your time invested in activities towards keeping everybody else happy then your chalice will drain quickly – meaning you have less to give.

Here are the details for this Sunday’s Rise and Shine Morning Routine Workshop:

If you join the programme after this sample, you will also benefit from WhatsApp support from me throughout the process.

Topic: Your Optimal Rise and Shine Morning Routine

Time: May 24, 2020 11:00 AM Brussels

Join Zoom Meeting at request to performancetreanor@gmail.com

I’m opening it to those of you who haven’t had the chance to join a workshop to see if you’d like to join the whole programme.

Remember that you’ll learn how to destress those mornings and also learn a few easy activities to get that day off on the right foot.

A good start is more than half the battle.

Happy Friday!

Declan “Fill Your Chalice” Treanor

Peak Performance Code

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