We’re going about our mornings all wrong!
If you joined last Sunday’s workshop you will already be sleeping better.
But that is only half the battle.
Most people will have bad habits ingrained into their morning routine that they think are necessary and which 100% are not.
Unfortunately many of these are energy draining activities so you arrive to work or your home office feeling like you already have a day of work complete.
If you haven’t joined my peak performance code already then you need to get moving.
It’s a one hour time investment each week for ten weeks.
If you don’t have one hour a week to invest in your health and wellness then your priorities are way out of sync…
NOW NOW NOW is the time to enrol – do not spend your life procrastinating.
All of you who know me, know that my goal in life is to help build people up and make them stronger as too many people have forgotten the importance of happiness through helping others grow and thrive.
Hopefully you trust me and trust me when I say if you give the course a go and you don’t see the value in it, I will refund you the money straight away.
You see folks, genuinely helping people is my goal and if I don’t do that then I don’t want to profit from it.
As a side note I have always offered money back guarantess and never once been taken up on it – not a bad record in 3 and 1/2 years of business! 5 star reviews on facebook will also testisfy to my ability to deliver and help others transform their lives.
Send an email to performancetreanor@gmail.com with “ALL IN” if you want to join me this Sunday in order to optimise your morning routine and make the rest of the day much more likely to be a successful one.
Techniques will be shared like one great tip on a simple act you can do in the morning that will make you 88% more likely to report having had a good day later in the day.
Declan “Rise and Shine” Treanor

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