How my business has transformed as a result of COVID-19: Online Corporate Workshops Launched

I’m a massive believer in seeking to find the opportunity where others see only pain.

Or to use a nice expression – seeing problems as opportunities with nettles on them.

I have been guilty at times in the progression of my business of avoiding the use of certain technologies due to the time investment and percieved complexities of learning to use them.

Now in an ideal world I would outsource a lot of these things and luckily this is beginning to happen as I’m getting help on my marketing from an extremely talented person.

However, I’m straying from the point – the point is that COVID meant I could no longer do corporate workshops in person so I had to sink or swim. And I swam.

A company here in Brussels called Interel recently embarked on two online workshops with me. The topics were fuel to perform (nutrition and hydration) and stress management (how to conquer the internal and external stressors).

And if this feedback from their head of employee training is anything to go by then it looks like they were a resounding success:

In his Wellbeing sessions delivered to Interel staff, Declan was an extremely articulate and engaging presenter; he managed to keep everyone’s attention during sessions, stirring a lively Q&A at the end of his perfectly structured presentations, focusing on the essentials of each topic. Following the sessions, Declan provided participants with interesting relevant materials: videos, books, articles, … to help them pursue the learnings individually.

We would recommend Declan to all professionals aiming at achieving a higher degree of well-being at work and in their personal lives.”

Lucyna Gutman-Grauer (head of employee training)

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