In the current situation wellbeing of employees will obviously be top of the mind for all – particularly when it comes to dealing with new challenges that arise from working at home. Here are some home ergonomics, stretching and workout tips requiring no equipment and only limited space.

Ahead of all these please follow the guidelines which are necessary for all our good health—Social Isolation to your very best degree —Wash hands routinely –Cough or Sneeze into elbow or tissue (discard tissue)—Avoid touching eyes nose or mouth–Respect yourself and others by making this joint effort.  

Sitting Arrangement

You spend half of your waking life at your job whether working from home or not, so make sure your seating position is on the money. A little bit of discomfort for 8 hours, 5 days a week, year in year out can turn into chronic back pains, neck pains or similar. Take the hour necessary to make sure your seating arrangement is comfortable and ergonomic. Here is a good start point.


Other recommendations here are not having the laptop on your lap, using a tilted laptop stand, using an external keyboard, mouse & screen (or even a projector or flat-screen TV) and working in a well-lit room.

Remember that exercise and quality work are not mutually exclusive

Another thing that employers and employees must remember is that physical activity and productive work are not mutually exclusive but complimentary. I have been involved with companies who religiously have their employees complete a morning stretch at 08.30 before work starts at 09.00 – most are happy to come in and partake.

Another particularly good technique to use are walking meetings with colleagues as not every status update needs to take place in an office setting. Obviously, these face to face interactions are not possible currently but how about standing up when you’re on the phone or walking round the house or garden. A simple technique to get out of a crouched over posture at your desk. Or what about simply switching your mouse from hand to hand every so often?


Let me recommend a point system whereby you give yourself a point for completing any of the stretches or exercise routines below. This can be fun and also if you set up a WhatsApp group where people post how they have been doing it can bring an element of healthy competition or even better, cooperation!

Now for the stretching/workouts to start accumulating points 😉

  1. Hip Stretching (really important as other problems can develop by not having supple hips like lower back and hamstring issues)
  2. General all body stretch and energiser – this is a great one for waking up your body in the morning or when you feel like you need a break from the desk.
  3. Improved and more open back posture – really nice stretch routine to reverse the posture we can take when typing and often feel tension in our upper backs as a result.
  4. 10 stretches every office worker should do for neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, & back pain.
  5. Complete each of these four exercises for 60-seconds (can split into 2 x 30 if it’s easier to hold good technique), this earns a point. Do 8-minutes and earn two points – simple as that! Plank – Side plank on each side – Prone Cobra
  6. For some cardio it is a good idea to add the following points system:1-point per km walked or ran and 1-point per 3km cycled.
  7. Complete both of the following challenges per day to earn one bonus point:

So, folks I hope you have found that helpful and remember that these exercises are like a menu and that you don’t need to complete them all. Even one or two is vastly better than nothing. Better always beats perfect!

Showing your colleagues that you care is more important now than ever so please share this article link with them and also bear in mind I have developed a daily check-in system to roll out with companies/organisations during this period. Please see here week 1 of that system. I am willing to offer Day 1 and Day 2 pro-bono to give you a flavour of what it’s like to work with me.

Day 1 –

Staying mentally, physically and emotionally healthy during COVID-19.

Day 2 –

Home Working Tips. These will help you thrive not deprive during this unique working period.

Day 3 –

Avoid these mental blind spots in order to achieve your most important work, quicker and with less errors.

Day 4 –

Mindfulness session to clear your head for the day ahead.

Day 5 –

Morning stretch to prime your body and focus levels for an energetic day.

Sessions can be organised online via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft or WhatsApp group call function.

For more detail or to begin a conversation around health and wellness workshops for reintegrating staff when the confinement period is over, use the following information:

My website 

30-second summary video 

Contact Declan at +32(0)483672114 or

Tabhair aire daoibh féin! Irish for look after yourselves 😉


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