76-and-a-half-year-old Anita Detry shows us that there is no reason to use your age as an excuse for not losing weight or to say that you are a victim of lifelong unhealthy habits.


Looking elegant in both, Anita is over a stone heavier in the photo from 2019 on the left and the photo on the right taken this month – March 2020.

Here is her weight loss story on how she has lost 7.6 kg since the beginning of this year. She was 83.7kg at 20/01/2020 and is now 76.1kg (24/03/2020).

In her own words:


First of all, you have to realize that you cannot accept your body as it is anymore. Fat booty, belly like a pregnant lady!


At the beginning, about 4 years ago after 2 hip prothesis operations, I went to the gym for about 15 to 20 minutes, 4 or 5 times per week, working only on the bike.


Then, I met Declan Treanor, coach at the Basic-fit.  He accepted to do a session of 15-20 minutes of exercise every week.  Being a woman of 76 years old, it was not possible to integrate me in a group of trainers that were 30 years younger!


Bit by bit I discovered some of the machines:  abs crunch, lateral pulldown, chest fly, oblique rotation, etc. And I worked for about 45 to 60 minutes every session, 4 to 6 times per week.


Coming back from a fortnight holiday, Declan encouraged me to install the fatsecret application on my phone.


On 20th January 2020, the scale indicated 83,7 kg…. The plan was to lose 6 kg by the end of February.


The biggest problem was my addiction to red wine of which I used to drink about one bottle of 750 ml per day.  My alcoholism was not new, as I drank since the age of 16!


But when I was younger, I didn’t put on weight! Living in the Belgian Congo and then Nicaragua and then Guatemala, I was athletic (tennis, swimming, horse riding) in the past.


But for over 25 years, my job at the European Parliament was very sedentary from 1997 until 2003.  Then I retired, my weight was 93,7 Kg at that point.


93.7kg 31.08.2003
Retirement Celebration


During retirement – fourteen years ago, I had a very high protein diet under medical control, and I lost about 20 Kg!


However, when this dieting finished the weight came back on over a few years but luckily not all the way back to my previous weight.


Coming back to my latest weight loss effort, I decided to reduce my consumption of wine to one or 2 glasses per day and to follow a strict food diet of 1100 calories per day.


This has meant: no bread, no sweets, no cheese, no gravies, reducing meat (beef, lamb, pork) and going for chicken, veal, fish, seafood, as they are leaner alternatives.


A typical day now looks like:

Breakfast: Wasa light cracker, lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey, low-fat cheese spread and occasionally instead of that one egg and one wasa (3 x/week). Also, I usually have a mandarin or strawberries or orange when I’m not having eggs.


Lunch: salad (lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, tuna or sardines) with one spoon of olive oil and vinegar; or a fresh soup with vegetables, or noodles (50 gr max). Or vegetables with a little protein e.g. cauliflower and ham.


Snack: a piece of fruit.


Dinner: light soup with vegetables, or salad with salmon, tuna or ham.




I have recently discovered wine (white – chardonnay, red – merlot/shiraz and champagne) without alcohol and that is low calories.  That helped me…  A bottle of 750 ml of that wine is about 200 calories instead of 900 calories in red wine!!


My weight decreased not too fast, but still a bit!  On March 24th, I had lost 7,6 kg (weighing 76,1 kg)


My goal is to reach 74 Kg by mid-April and if possible 72 Kg by end March or before 10th April.




The Fatsecret app on my smartphone helped me a lot … It was like a game to weigh the food and register the number of calories every day!


Every evening, I had to send my daily report to Declan who studied the progress and gave me advice to help me improve …”

The Dream Team
The Dream Team




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