And I was sceptical before!

But a lot of that was down to fear of asking for help or judging people who attend these things – “They’re crazy!” or “They’re weak”. How could they not already know what they need to do with their lives?

I was very harsh. We all need help sometimes. We all need to learn from people who know more than us and not be too egotistical by holding ourselves back from these opportunities.

Anyway, the event was run by one of Tony’s unleash the power within speakers. Yulia. She was great and had an infectious joie de vivre. Here are my take aways for you.

Her 5-rules for the talk were and they’re ones we can take into our everyday lives:

1. Play full out – showing up is the first part but then playing full out means immersing yourself in whatever learning or process is in front of you.

2. Be flexible – if you believe you know everything on a topic or have the “correct” opinion on a topic this is dangerous because rigidity can hold us back from true learning and also engaging in a productive way with others. And I don’t mean to pander to the educator but at least be open to changing some of your opinions if the arguments are compelling.

3. Take responsibility – when you blame and resent others for your current situation quite simply put you are giving them your power. And if other people have “put you in a bad place” then you maybe waiting for a magical other to take you out of it. This won’t happen – you need to decide to be a master of your fate and if you need help / know what needs doing – plan and act swiftly!

4. Be a team player – usually Yulia would have got the audience to hug but due to the corona virus we didn’t. Namaste was the order of the day 😉

Normally we have plenty of knowledge to share and take from the people within the room at talks and not just the educator. Keep this is in mind 😊

5. Have fun. God knows there is enough seriousness in the world without us taking ourselves too seriously also. She asked us – “who here can have fun?” We all said yes and then she said – “prove it!” and got us to dance with ASSITUDE to this song. Also, she got us to plaster a massive smile on our faces while we did it. Then afterwards she ironically asked – “now try to feel sad?” We all had a good laugh – impossible!

Now here’s the thing, when I realised we would have to dance I was reluctant and felt the stomach sink a bit and then just said fuck it, let’s give it a go and it ended up being a good laugh. Luckily it was for only about 30-seconds.

In case you’re wondering, the general gist of ASSITUDE is the positive emotions generated from shaking your booty.

That’s it – main points – asking for help / seeking personal development is strength not weakness and laughing at yourself can take a massive weight off your shoulders.

So, I ended up signing for Tony’s 4-day event in England later this year and I’m well excited about it.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Declan “Motivational” Treanor

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