My clients often ask me this.

“How the hell are you so energetic in the mornings?”

Well, to be honest, the secret lies within my routine.

I’m sharing this article the week after an important article which I published for you on paying sleep the respect it deserves.

If you do that then already your mornings will be a lot easier.

However good sleep doesn’t ensure a great start to the day if you fall into some common pitfalls, like:

  1. Watching the news first thing (the seriousness and gravity of a lot of its stories can cause us to enter our day with a sense of helplessness over what is going on in the world). What about reading or listening to something positive instead?
  2. Feeling like you have an unending list of decisions to make like who will drop the kids off at school and pick them up later, what to eat, what to wear, who will be dropping the kids to training later, where are my keys etc.

Eliminating many of these decisions with better planning clears space in your mind…

Now, many people find routine boring or believe that they are for control freaks. However, I would argue against this outlook – having a rigid and positive start to the day makes me feel more confident entering my day at work. A feeling of being able to deal with whatever may come up in a flexible fashion!

I will share my routine with you as it might spark some ideas for you to create your own unique routine:

I make my bed, stretch, meditate and drink hot water with lemon as my go-to morning routine.

Takes about 20-minutes. Anything from 2-5 minutes on the stretch and 2-5 minutes on deep breathing/meditation is perfect.

Why so rigid?

Because having an element of control over how I start my day and doing some healthy actions help me to feel it’s a good beginning and this feeling follows me to work.

If you are really interested in geeking out on this area and putting some more craft into your routine then make sure to look at an in depth article which I wrote on the topic for a reputable health and wellness magazine – click here to access.

Also, make sure to check out the beautiful poem below on all that can flow from a little effort on your rise and shine routine.

Declan “Pep in your Step” Treanor

PS. I published this in the late afternoon on purpose so you can already think of making your morning routine easier for tomorrow. Put those keys somewhere you will remember 😉

Morning Routine


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