“I started of at 118.5kg. Back when I started this challenge the main thing was to lose weight. I got to the stage where I was completely not happy with the appearance where it was at, I was after putting on a lot of weight over the last year (before challenge)…

“You caught me on the hop (when asked to take part in the 12-week weight loss challenge). I was hung over one Monday morning and you said did I want to get involved and I said absolutely so I suppose the big takeaway from that then was having to change my whole routine. I was always very active, I always used to play rugby or football and I also used to go cycling, into work or out from work. So I knew that the exercise was there and that it was all about the diet.”

Roux before and after

Looks like whatever diet plan you had worked 🙂

We have this video testimonial for those of you with 17-minutes to spare which could help change your life and body shape for the better.


“It was about coming up with alternatives instead of the handy option…

“Basically, at work there is a super value beside me and I ‘d always go over and get a chicken filet roll or whatever the handiest thing was which used to be predominantly not good for me. So I suppose speaking with yourself in the early stages of the challenge, I found that salmon and eggs were a great alternative. Adding capers to it or adding beetroot to it as well so you’re not getting sick of the mundaneness of salmon and eggs. Another option for lunch would have been that I’d have soup, one day a week you might have a little cheat on it not like a chicken fillet roll…”

“It would predominantly be having low carbs at lunch and then having the carbs at dinner. That was the mindset we got in, that for breakfast and lunch we didn’t have a carbs based meal then I’d have carbs later on and that’s how I kind of went with it.”


“I remember you saying that I was going to be hungry over the process. By the time you’d get to dinner you would be hungry then. It was just about the mindset then that I have to get used to being hungry. Dinner won’t be that far away. As the challenge went on I found myself getting less hungry, less focused on that because that was just the way I was. It became the new norm. I suppose then on the other side I was often going for a coffee and then having biscuits with it or a little cake with it. I had to get out of that mindset that an apple with a cup of tea works as well. So that’s kind of the mindset change that I had to do and that became the new norm. And that’s not to say that if there was chocolate in the fridge or cupboard there that I wouldn’t have some, or that I completely cut it out, I still love it, I still would be tempted by it but it is about not trying to go for that option or pick the fruit or to substitute and narrow that hunger…”

Keep tempting foods out of your way in order to succeed…

“I think over the initial 12-week thing that I had two cuppucinos. And one of them was on my birthday cause I used that as a treat like”.

Some people aren’t aware of how many calories are in milky coffees. If you took a large latte from Starbucks everyday as you see below that is 1250 calories a week – well over half of what a lot of people’s daily intake would be. If you simply replaced the lattes with a large Starbuck’s americanos you would lessen your calories count by an incredible 1145 per week (15 calories per large americano from Starbucks).

Latte v Americano
Milky Coffees have plenty of calories which over time accumulate… Ryan C is well worth a follow on Instagram for great and enlightening nutrition posts…


“Oh I did up my game on exercise as well. I initially used to cycle in to work and then cycle home too so that would be 10k in and 10k home. But now I cycle in to work as normal and on the way home I turn the 10k into 15, 20, 30, I even did 40k at one stage coming home from work. The weather was nicer then than the winter months – now I feel I should be home with a cup of tea instead ;)”

“So then I kind of made it a mindset as well that I used to play football, astro, 5-a side on a Thursday, I’d do that every week and I made it my mindset that I was going to get out of work at 16.00 on that day to make sure that I got to play that game. Because it is a different kind of exercise to the cycling where you’re doing a lot more running. It’s a very enjoyable, social form of exercise. With cycling you are predominantly on your own so it’s nice to have the social side of the soccer.”

“A couple of weeks I went up to play the football and went up and did a boot camp directly after it. That was a day when if I hadn’t done much exercise in the lead up to it that I was going to have this Thursday as a big day to get that done so I think that day I was nearly burning up 2,000 calories from exercise alone – an hour football and an hour bootcamp. And then I suppose with the exercise that running was another thing that I really wanted to get back into, I suppose years ago I was a good enough runner, I was running 10ks around the 50-minute mark. I tried to do that early on in the challenge and I couldn’t even run to the top of the road so that was my main target to get back into it so I started doing the park runs under your guidance and found them a fantastic help. It’s a timed run each week so you can’t cheat yourself. I did a five 5k run there 2-weeks ago and it’s the first time I did it in under 30-minutes and that was a big step for me and it gave me the mindset that I can kick on from that. I’ll move on to another target now and get back into that. With the exercise thing it’s predominantly been the cycling, the football, the odd bootcamp and then the running as well”.

Ruairí with his sister Sorcha after the charity run which he hit the


“The first big obstacle in the second twelve weeks was the whole Christmas period. Going out for drinks with work and meals and you want to be able to enjoy that so I suppose I started off the second twelves weeks with a week one, week two target so for when January hits and I have two months left of this challenge I’ll know exactly how far behind the target for this second period I am. The target for this second period is another 15-kg. It’s an optimistic goal but if I can achieve it I’ll be at a weight that I really am comfortable with. As you said we are going to do the fat percentage measurment again at that point to see if that’s correct point of where I need to be.”

Roux's Plan
Ruairí’s plan to succeed

“Everyone keeps telling me that when you’ve lost weight and you want to continue losing weight that it’s very hard to lose it at the same rate that you lost it at initially so me trying to lose 15-kg after what I had done the prviouse 12-weeks is going to be a very tough challenge. I feel like there is going to be up and down weeks with that. Sometimes you might not meet the 1.25kg I need to hit every week in order to meet the target so I feel like there will be up days and down days on that and it is about not letting yourself get dis-heartened by that. So if I don’t hit the target one week I just go harder at it again the following week so you can achieve it.”

“My girlfriend’s birthday is in that time period, I have a holiday booked away in Germany as well – they are obstacles as well.”

“Over my previous twelve weeks I had events coming that I did the work in the lead up to them. So if I’m going away on the Friday, I try to get out on the bike or I try and get for a run three or four days prior to that. So I can go out and enjoy it guilt free knowing that the work is already done.”


“I suppose the best advice I can give is just to have faith in the process. When I started out the process in the first week it was just about the diet and trying to get as much exercise in and the first week I lost about 3kg and it was just that change and seeing those results straight away it gave you that boost. And just to go at it and you will have your off the wagon moments, I mean you can go out and get a burger king, something like that but I mean it’s just like stop there, reset and get back on it again because you know it is a great feeling when people compliment you on how you look or if you try on a shirt that didn’t fit you before hand, I mean there is great pride in it. There was a suit I bought a few years ago that I don’t know how I ever fit into it and I tried it on there a couple of weeks ago and now it’s too big at the moment!!! That was a great boost as well. A goal I had was to fit into that suit at that start point so that was what I was working towards.”

Like a boss!
Like a boss! The aforementioned suit – notice how a belt is now necessary 🙂


“I think for me personally it works because I’m that type of person that if I tried to do it myself and I’m not accountable to anyone I can just forget about it. Whereas we started down that journey and at the start it was for charity so that was an incentive.

“When you asked about the second twelve weeks as your client, it’s like having a school teacher that is going to give out to you if you don’t hit your goals or if you go off the wagon and that’s exactly what I need. I went down that route and there was no question of me not signing for another 12-weeks because even though my mindset has changed, I still need that push and that drive and somebody to bounce things off.

“I mean we have a call each week and we talk about what happened the previous week and the pros and cons of it and then we make the plan for the next week. It’s like starting the journey of each week again because you’ve put the last week behind you and you’re starting fresh and it keeps you focused and it keeps your mindset fresh. So I’d absolutely recommend going down that route again because I’m down 17kg now over the period and I wouldn’t have done that myself to be honest.”

Park Run
“Rougles” to his mates, himself and the boys after a recent park run.


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