Do you know the biggest excuse I hear? Part 7 of Core 9 questions…

Day 8

“I don’t have enough time” is the number one excuse I hear for people not making efforts on their nutrition, exercise and sleep goals.


They don’t have enough time take the stairs instead of the elevator, buy some fruit on the way to work to snack on during the day and to meditate/read fiction to get into a nice sleepy state.


If you have a habit of putting everything/everyone else first then you need to read this article.

They say when you feel like you can’t take five minutes for these kinds of healthy measures then you should take ten.


When people feel overwhelmed to deliver at work and family life they over commit themselves at the expense of their own health.


A great line that I heard for when people feel overburdened at work is:

“I’m at full capacity right now so can’t take this on. If it’s a strategic priority then I can drop something else to make space for it”.


Another big one is not being too proud/shy to ask for help or advice. This could save you hours of work.


Another thing I notice is people being afraid to say no. “If I say no to that party/work event they won’t like me or will think I’m dry”. Sometimes the best option for your health is to do less not more. That way you will have much more energy for the fewer things that you do.


Lastly, don’t forget that energy, healthier nutrition and longer/better quality sleep all pay themselves back in terms of your energy and productivity so they can save you time in the long run. These efforts will result in less mistakes and more effective work.


Jesse, a great gym client of mine describes the buzz he gets from an early morning session – “it’s like having seven espressos”.


How are you going to take ownership and stop saying I don’t have enough time and create the time as a matter of urgency for your health and happiness?


Ask the question now about where you can create time, be unfiltered in your ideas to help get yourself to the best option for you.


Declan “Life” Treanor


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