It’s not their fault, it’s yours! Part 6 of Core 9 questions…

Day 7

A massive thing I’ve noticed in life that holds many people back is giving others your power.

By this I mean putting something you’ve fallen short on down to ill treatment or feeling burdened by somebody else.

Do you find yourself exhausting yourself with this kind of thinking? Then this article is for you…

The problem here is while there may even be some justification that this can only lead to resentment and rumination.

If somebody held you back then acknowledge the part you played in allowing them to. If you really were helpless at that time then work on forgiveness of yourself and the other – “Loving What Is” a book by Byron Katie could help you on that journey.

Once you know where you have gone wrong in the past like maybe you weren’t assertive enough with a particular individual then come up with a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Be proactive. I can help you with such a plan.

If you feel like your family/friend commitments hold you back. Ask the following questions:

1. Should I be viewing this as a privilege or a burden?

2. Could somebody else help me by sharing in the responsibilities?

3. Is this really a fair excuse? Are there other areas like trawling through social media feeds that I actually waste time on and could use to free me up instead? More on this point in tomorrow’s post.

Ask these questions now and write down your thoughts and feelings unfiltered to help get yourself to the best option for you.

Happy Saturday lovely people!

Declan “Life” Treanor

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