How to feal the fear and do it anyway. Part 5 of Core 9 questions…

Day 6

A business mentor of mine Sean McGarrity filled my head with this concept.

If your someone who feels like you are letting fear hold you back from something you would really like to do then this article is for you.

I remember telling this mentor about not taking a penalty kick once in soccer because I was scared of missing.

He asked what would have happened if I hit the peno with full confidence?

I said I would have smashed it in. Which based on my deadly accuracy is probably true. Not to sound too cocky 🤪

Funnily I remember my dad’s disappointment but it was because I didn’t hit it and that wouldn’t have been the case if I tried and missed…

Sometimes you just need to try and no matter what the outcome there’s a peace of mind in it.

Anyway what’s my point? Too many good people let potential failure/pitfalls stop them from pursuing their passions, their big goals and ultimately unlocking their potential.

If you knew that you couldn’t fail then you would give it a 100% and act despite fearful thoughts. All kinds of unforeseen happiness, magic and brilliance can come from such providence.

On the flip side when failure is the most likely option – having the courage and bravery to give up on a dream can be equally liberating.

I reached a stage in my mid twenties after a desire for a large part of my life to play inter county football at championship level that it was time to give up on that dream. My mum bravely told me that it was time to focus on something else and to stop letting this anchor hold me back and go gung ho for my health coaching journey.

Any of this resonating with you?

Ask this question now and write down your thoughts and feelings unfiltered to help get yourself to the best option for you.

Happy Saturday to you all👌

Declan “Life” Treanor

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