Why do we prolong the agony? Part 4 of Core 9 questions…

Day 4

Love this question cause it creates psychological distance.

I’ve definitely been guilty of this in the past. Putting off difficult conversations and letting the issue escalate.

If you let a desire for constant harmony get in the way of your meaningful conversations then this article is for you.

Asking this question allows you to see that the immediate discomfort is usually 100% worth it ten months from now and maybe even 10 days…

Having difficult conversations contrary to popular can actually often help to improve your relationships with others and clear the air.

Even if they don’t, the peace of mind you can feel in the aftermath of saying your piece and letting your voice be heard can lift a big weight from your shoulders.

Ask this question now and write down your thoughts and feelings unfiltered to help get yourself to the best option for you.

Happy and healthy Saturday to you all!

Declan “Life” Treanor

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