The poem promotes little acts & the verse at the end is the first little act

A cup of tea, a slice of toast.
A friendly word, the sea, the coast.
A hug, a book, a song, a smile.
Sitting down, stretching high,
Work & hobbies that satisfy,
dreams and words that let you fly.
Getting going, get-on the ball, step by step, there’s time for all.

Stop a while, from time to time
Appreciate each act as mine.
Life is lots & lots of little,
It’s short or long & ever brittle.
So, each moment, of your time
Whatever is happening, the moment is fine.

Stand alone or adding too, those little acts see us through. On their own or as a part, actions grow – complete life’s chart.

Life is hard at times unkind, overwhelming, ruthless, a tough old grind.
But little acts, little things you do
Make life worth living, worth going through.

Your first ‘little act’ –

Breathe deep, expand into your chest –
Relax, release, let go the stress.
Do it now or when in need,
a little act – the stress recedes.
You’ve heard it before, it’s like ‘count to ten’, allow yourself breath, now – go again.
It’s breathing space to fortify, its energy- our own supply.


Ursula Treanor

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