But what do YOU really want? Part 2 of Core 9 questions…

Day 2
I remember when filling out my college application that I had put psychology down. I probably took on board too much the advice from those around me and chose business.
If you feel you sometimes place too much importance on other’s opinions then the rest of this message is for you.

There’s no resentment on my college course decision as my path has lead me to a good place and I got to study sports psychology in later life.
There is an important message however.
Making choices that are right for you and not to please others.
On the other hand, try to help others reach the choice that is right for them and not just towards the option most pleasing to us.
Ask this question now and write down your thoughts and feelings unfiltered to help get yourself to the best option for you.
Happy Saturday!
Declan “Life” Treanor

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