I trawled through hours of YouTube videos this last couple of weeks (for research, I swear!)

That’s a heck of a lot of videos.  And one really stood out. Specifically one short clip.

It was in a talk from a guy named Simon Sinek. His points were very similar to ones I have heard before, but he did something special…


I’m not saying he’s the best storyteller ever, but I bet a week from today, I’ll still remember his Deadliest Catch Story.

This got me thinking about valuable skills we don’t learn in school.

Here’s a couple of the ones I have found extremely useful and a resource/story to help you learn more if you so desire:

Passion and perseverance wins out – growing up playing football, some of the star players I encountered weren’t the ones that went on to play at the top level. Often times it was the solid or very good player who trained consistently and didn’t get too distracted with nightlife, alcohol etc. that went on to make it. This reminds me of a text message from my first gym client this week, she has been working with me for three years and the text was about hitting her lowest weight in ages and reaching that massive milestone (see message here).

Claire C Review

Sales – It amazes me we aren’t taught more about Sales in school!  It’s one of the most important career skills you could possibly have.  Whether you’re actually in the role of Sales or not, selling is a major part of your life. Job interviews, raising funding, getting someone to join your company, dating, meeting your significant others’ parents, to some degree it’s all about selling yourself.

I’ve yet to find one resource I’d call the end-all-be-all, but I personally really love a featured article on my website based on an interview with sales expert Sean McGarrity. Selling objects/discussing our positives and passions shouldn’t be seen as sleazy or self-indulgent. Great relationships in business and life are developed from transference of emotion and Sean goes into this in our article – click here to access it.

Mini habits – pulling an all nighter or working ourselves to the bone is often linked with the American dream of success that is prevalent throughout much of the western world. However, this can really damage an appreciation for the success and happiness that can come from small habits done regularly and the effect this can have and what it can become. Some of the biggest fitness success stories start from a simple month-long exercise challenge like one push-up a day for 30-days flourishing into a regular and more prolonged exercise routine moving forward. The longer routine would have been too intimidating to start with. To make some really healthy habits become just part of what you do like brushing your teeth you should really take a look at Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – so much unhappiness can come from us falsely interpreting situations and what others will think of us as well as sometimes even bullying ourselves with our internal dialogue. To start the journey towards improving this self-dialogue and interpretation of our worlds I strongly recommend the Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns.
Remember, don’t let your schooling get in the way of your education 😉
The last thing I need to mention is that when you are ready for change that it helps to work with somebody for accountability and expert guidance. Let me know if you want to avail of my online life coaching which consists of an initial 60-minute strategy call followed by weekly check-ins of 15-30 minutes.

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