I’ve been traveling quite a bit the last several weeks, months, even years.

And I’m incredibly fortunate for it. When you find yourself in a new place, stripped of everything that’s familiar, you find out what about yourself remains. You get to see a clearer picture of what makes you, you.

This is why I always valued travelling and studying abroad. The challenge and the excitement of a new experience. Would push people in their early 20’s to do the same if they can.

But there is a downside.

And it’s that you can lose your rituals.

You see, something like 95% of our lives are lived in unthinking habit or reactivity to the things happening around us.

It’s why you check your phone 17 bajillion times a day 😉

It’s why your diet depends not on your willpower, but on the food you have available in the kitchen. So many interesting studies show a big correlation between the type of food on display in your kitchen and the likelihood of being obese.

And when you travel, your rituals get DESTROYED.

So at times I have missed working out, eating disciplined, I even missed out on these emails occasionally (sorry guys!)

The upside is that it has given me a massive respect for a more stable lifestyle that allows me to craft my habits and my environment with care.

Which is why I’m writing today.

I want to encourage you to make one environmental change to improve your life.

Maybe you buy a giant bottle to keep on your desk so you’re reminded to drink more water.

Maybe you download Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator to block the feed and stop wasting time.

Whatever it is, don’t make a resolution. Don’t promise yourself to change. Make one environmental change RIGHT NOW.

And I’m curious what you decide to do because I’d love to help you set up the best environment for success.

Declan “Ritual” Treanor

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