Weight loss wisdom – Rougle’s rousing efforts!

The man is down 10kg in 7-weeks. For every kg he loses, €5 is donated to the Irish Heart Foundation.

Now he wants to share his inspiring story with you and top tips that can help you with weight loss but not just that.

The tips given are important for us all as it shows a way in which we can still enjoy the occasional night out, break out of harmful habits and how to effectively and enjoyably up exercise intensity.

Roux and McGlynner
Roux (left) and workout buddy McGlynner (right)

Check out Ruairí’s video testimonial below – it could be the best 6-minutes you have invested in your health and wellness in a long time.

He touches on:

  • Breaking free from immediately gratifying habits like a chicken fillet roll and packet of crisps at lunch-time.
  • Still enjoying an occasional drinking session or stag without feeling guilty or setting in motion a spiral of deterioration on nutrition and exercise.
  • Embracing complements and using them as fuel to keep going.
  • The beauty of becoming an early bird and getting involved in the park run initiative with an accountability buddy.

All that is left is to check out his testimonial.

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