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What’s it like to be in the company of a genius? You’ll have to ask Albert 😉

A magic Monday musing, a Tuesday training tip, Wednesday’s workplace wisdom, Thursday’s nutrition nugget, Friday’s reach out message, silly Saturday riddle and a serene Sunday guided meditation.

Check out these quick tips now…

Monday’s Musing:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Einstein’s quote highlights the futility in expecting a different result from doing the same thing over and over.

David Kelly who is taking on the “I lose, charity wins” weight loss challenge recently told me how changing his dietary habits and not following a fad diet is behind his success in the first six weeks.

A big win is that he now notices when he goes to the cupboard where there are biscuits and says to himself – “what am I doing?” This used to be a subconscious process and it is now one that he has more control over.

Here’s a summary of David’s journey so far.

Tuesday’s training tip:

Check out my article for ten of the best exercises you can use to get some great gains from your gym efforts.

Wednesday’s Workplace Wisdom:

Everything from a big goal for each sphere of life to help with focus, responding and not reacting to situations as well as two trainees on the beginning of their careers telling us to become aware of biases and how not to allow this one major productivity killer to hijack our day…

I also have some wellness through distancing yourself from work advice…

Thursday’s Nutrition Nuggets:

Look no further than Ann Catrin’s first two soupy specials when it comes to improving your nutrition and vegetable intake.

I’m sure these nutritious meals contributed to my 5km personal best last weekend.

New 5km PB and first place = one happy Treanor 🏃‍♂️ Went into this run after mostly training in the gym and on the football pitch this past couple of months.
My nutrition has been the best it has been ever this last month through creating healthy eating patterns and upping my veggies with plenty of soup.
Lastly, I went into the event very relaxed this morning and just wanting to enjoy it and then found I had the gas to kick on. I think this relaxed outlook helped.

Friday reach out:

Give somebody a hug, reconnect with an old friend (not for the sake of it but because you want to), tell somebody you love/appreciate them.

This appreciative behaviour is contagious and creates a ripple of positivity.

Saturday Smile:

Can you solve this funny riddle?

Serene Sunday:

Guided meditation – a gift to yourself.

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