Howdy Health Seekers – make sure to check out the quick youtube videos here to learn about:

  1. An intense chest, tricep and core workout.
  2. Weight loss 101 – all you need to know to start your weight loss journey today in just 17-minutes.
  3. Workplace wisdom – how best to use your high potential hours and the importance of not falling into the perfectionist trap. Impactful observations from Juri and Patricia which are well worth 2-minutes of your time.
  4. How to track your calories easily – explanatory video of all you need to know in 12-minutes.
  5. How to prepare Tom Yam Kum – a tasty thai soup with lots of delicous and nutritious ingredients. A great cook and wonderful friend Anita Detry shares the wisdom on this one…

All that’s left is to to take your pick and check it out!

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