5 must read articles for health, wellness and performance – Performance Treanor’s top picks

You’ve heard of a book worm, well now I strongly recommend you become an article worm and spend 5-minutes to explore 1 of the 5 recommended articles coming your way…


I’ve heard of this method for performing under pressure and know that it helps. I personally use it when taking penalty kicks in Gaelic Football. The second benefit wasn’t clear to me until I read this article and it makes so much sense…

Another reason to tune in is to read how to turn off that fight or flight constant edginess to manage yourself with pride and enjoy the long and resilient game of a satisfying life.



Cracking article explaining why procrastination isn’t about time management but managing your emotions. You’re going to love the one key question recommended to ask yourself the next time you feel overwhelmed by a task.

This is one article you shouldn’t procrastinate about reading…



All you need to know to start improving nutrition. The importance of putting key pillars in place, where you should place your focus, what we can learn from long living population’s diets and so much more…

One of my favourite articles to put together cause there’s just to much useful nutrition information provided from Danny Lennon (top nutritionist). How to manage the inner chimp who always justifies the biscuits and dealing with toxic friends and events when it comes to food plus so much more…



Leading high performers doesn’t need to be anxiety inducing as long as you know how to communicate effectively with them and use their answers for correct delegation. This article reveals the intricate steps to achieving this…

How to get the best out of great people.



My god, this one is a cracker. A real eye opener as to what we can include more of to age happier and healthier. Sound like it’s worth 5-minutes of your time?

Love some of the quirky examples like the bone density of a tennis player’s serving hand having much greater bone density than the other one and what we can learn from this about ageing. Numerous tips for looking after your gut and so much more healthy ageing knowledge…


Happy Reading!

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