What is the Konmari experience? Basically going through everything in your home and asking do I still need this and if the answer is no – quite simply it is time to say thank you and au revoir!

Under the guidance of my coach Ana Rios, this has been a great journey so far. Letting go of things but first appreciating what they have brought to your life can be very liberating. Here’s the steps which I have taken so far and that you can use to increase your peace, headspace and detachment from material goods…

Here is the step by step process so far in images:


Clothes with maybe pile

For the storage I must mention this can be a very mindful process if you give it the right amount of time and don’t do it under pressure. On a Sunday, throw on some music and do it at a slower pace, giving each item of clothing the respect it deserves…


Although Ana kindly showed me the folding for storage technique it was good to use Marie’s youtube videos to reresh the memory:

For book which is the next step after clothes it has been nice not having a constant reminder of the books that I haven’t read in the 3-years of owning them and which are still on my shelves. Best to say goodbye and let them find a more appreciative home.


After books comes the papers… For papers I even let go of some of my certificates for different education courses. I haven’t required them since and those experiences were more about education than certification for me.


Happy Decluttering!

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