1. Dehydration is underestimated as a performance diminisher.
    • Let’s start on a positive note. Water’s free in so many ways. Calorie free, caffeine free, free to consume when from the tap and we’re blessed that it is readily available to us.
    • Despite this, many people have a coffee in the morning and then no other liquid until lunch time.
    • Waiting until you feel thirsty is a bad approach because at this point performance is already impaired.
    • Read on for more tips on how much you should drink (cause it’s not the same for everyone), does tea contribute to hydration and some practical tips to up your intake for more energy and vitality.

  1. How much should I drink?
    • Peak performance specialist Ron Friedman recommends ½ ounce to an ounce of water for every pound you weigh.
    • Let’s take a 75kg female and convert that to pounds which is 165 then dividing by two we get 82.5 ounces of water which converts to 2.44 litres to Europeanise the example 😊
    • You may need to consume more on a day when you are exercising or the weather is warmer than usual.
  2. The urine rule – another hydration level indicator.
(Source of image above is the Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme)
  1. Does tea and coffee count towards hydration?
    • A regular cup of tea will have a net hydrating effect due to the favourable ratio of water to caffeine. It should not be relied upon for hydration.
    • A shot of espresso does not have such a favourable ratio and thus would not be hydrating.
    • It appears caffeinated drinks might have a small diuretic effect which means they may cause the need to urinate more often. Despite this they don’t appear to increase the risk of dehydration unless we use them as a water replacement instead of as a supplement to our fluid intake.
  1. Best way to flavour water.
    • In my opinion the best way to flavour water is with fresh mint and cucumber – it is amazingly refreshing. Some people don’t particularly like the neutral flavour of water so this livens it up a bit…
    • Using dilute orange is not a good solution on account of the sheer amount of sugar in it. This is a health diminishing habit that is well worth kicking and can be a relatively easy win.
  2. Health seeking habit with a dual benefit.
    • Always have a bottle on your desk to remind you to drink water. The knock-on benefit is that it is a good excuse to leave the desk for 2-3 minutes every hour and up the step count at the same time.
  3. Other helpful hints.
    • Your body wants hydration first thing in the day and nothing else. Dedicate that first hour to getting a couple of glasses in to cleanse your system and begin the hydration process.
    • If you’re sensitive to caffeine then a good rule of thumb is no caffeinated beverages after 14.00. ½ of the caffeine will still be in your system 5-6 hours after consumption which is the reason many of us find that it can have a disruptive impact on our sleep (source – Ron Friedman).

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