Do you want to know the scary thing about a lack of sleep?

It is that when it is over a prolonged period, we stop recognising its negative impact on our performance.

We fail to recognise these dips after a certain point. Instead we believe we are maintaining consistent levels.

Take ownership and stop skimping on your sleep now.

Don’t let a completion bias for today’s tasks let you push back sleep at the cost of tomorrow’s efficiency and happiness. Can that email wait till tomorrow?

And remember it’s not just you that is being hampered by poor sleep patterns.

“Poor rest patterns for any lengthy period will increase errors and lead to poor work application and performance. Tasks and projects feel more burdensome when physically or mentally tired and lack lustre attitude can easily spread to fellow employees.”

Start combating this worrying trend by reading the rest of my article for the KeepWell mark online magazine – an Irish Business and Employers Confederation initiative.

Here’s the article with much advice on sleep improvement:

Declan “Restorative Sleep” Treanor

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