Preventative vs Immediate Care

Oh boy do you need to understand this for a healthier, happier and longer life.


Immediate care describes when we need attention straight away e.g. for a broken leg or a stroke.

Preventative care is what much of my work as a health coach is based around.

This means taking health seeking actions to improve your health and also decline the rate of the aging process on the body.

Basically, helping people to feel vibrant and more energetic for longer.

Preventative care could be cutting down on take away junk food to reduce your risk of heart disease.

You might avoid this type of food by developing/rediscovering a love for fresh fruits and vegetables in order that you no longer want as much rubbish food.

By committing to a healthier nutrition plan over a period of time you may even discover yourself developing a slight disdain for highly processed foods and the aftermath of eating them on our mood…

Good health coaches know when clients can be helped through their scope of practice and know when more specified care is necessary.

I have a network of health care providers in Brussels so that I can ensure if a person’s needs are outside my scope that I am passing them into good hands.

Declan “Important Definitions” Treanor

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