Wellness Week Learnings and How to Feel Happier and Healthier at Work

Being well and performing to the best of our ability is not down to one factor alone.

You may workout a lot or be very disciplined on your diet but these factors alone don’t mean wellness.

I help employees by looking at how all the elements of healthy living interact. This will result in more positivity, better communication and higher energy levels throughout the organisation.

Here are the 12-workshops I offer which companies are tailoring to their specific needs.


From my interactions with employees I have come to realise that many of us are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at times. Clogged email inboxes and spending your days playing defence by replying to whatever query comes in next are some of the issues.

Here are employee feedback videos from my recent wellness weeks giving you an insight to what has been learned and the best approach to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. A big thank you to my clients U4U and the Maltese Permanenet Representation to the EU for investing in their employee’s health and wellness.

Here are the fruits of our labour:

Angela and Tatjana have learned from previous courses and built up the bravery to come on camera and share module 5 and 6 learnings.

They talk about:

•            The importance of not feeling guilty for taking reenergising breaks.

•            The optimal timing for breaks with regards to your energy levels.

•            Where we can get some really creative ideas (you won’t believe it when you hear).

•            How not working and recharging are not the same things.


The next video shares details on what Emmanuelle found to be an “energetic session with lots of enthusiasm” which included “useful tips” on better sleep, morning routines, assertiveness and public speaking.

The presentation was described like going shopping as there were lots of options for continuous improvement and you had to decide which were most applicable to your life.

Elene mentions the importance of not falling into the perfectionist trap when following a course like this on peak performance. It’s about small improvements and not radical overhauls. She mentions the best way to enter the training is to tell yourself, “I am enough” right now and this is a chance to learn, grow and implement positive mini habits.


Guido and Catherine share some wonderful insights they gave and gained during this intense wellness training programme.

Here we share how not to let email ruin your day and damage relationship building avoid the email curse. We also discuss how working with no breaks is counter-productive and causing you more harm than good…


Exercise, nutrition, mapping for success and focus tips are given to ensure a better work life for employees and helping to ensure their best output 💪💪 Remember that our bodies are the vehicle through which we experience our lives – treat yours like a Ferrari.

Here’s what Anay Rios thought, she was a great participant and contributor to the many group exercises and learnings. She discusses the danger of demonising food groups and how not all fats are bad in nutrition.


Lastly, here is a video of the fun and learning you can expect when you get Performance Treanor in to work with your employees.

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