It’s official, we’re addicted to our mobile devices!

You’re probably unlocking your phone approximately 80 times per day.

This stat is taken from a business insider article from 2016.

And I doubt the stat has improved in the last 3 years…

I have a simple solution if you are looking for a mobile device detox and a move to a more peaceful and meaningful way of living.


Write the following three questions in your notes app on your phone.

  1. What for?
  2. Why now?
  3. What else?

Once this is complete, screen shot it and set it as your lock screen photo as in the photo I have posted below.

“Why these questions?” You might ask.

Realising what we’re unlocking our phones for is to get us to reflect if we are just going on the phone for instant gratification. Instead, could we pay attention to the world around us even if it is just the simple passing moments of life?

Asking “why am I checking my phone now?” might get us to realise that hourly visits to Whatsapp might be better changed to every 2-hours. This will help us concentrate more on the meaningful work/tasks/conversations/hobbies in our lives.

“What else?” means asking yourself if there is some other form of entertainment that will make you feel better than 20-minutes of looking at “perfect” lives on Instagram. Could a lap of your local park in the fresh air do more for your mental health?

Happy Serene Sunday!

Declan “Smarter Phone Usage” Treanor

3 questions

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