Counting sheep will not help you sleep quickly or peacefully…

This article will put you into a deep and restorative sleep!

Not falling for this old myth is a good start point.

Sleep Myth

Sheep herders used to count sheep to help them sleep as it instilled them with a sense of calm and reassurance knowing they hadn’t lost any.
Not relevant to most of us in this day of age or helpful as it’s a mental task which doesn’t make us sleepy but does the opposite and stimulates us mentally.
So what focused thoughts help us sleep? Bare with the research for the gems of wisdom.
  • University of California researchers invited a group of people who had a hard time falling asleep and divided them into 3 groups. Group 1 wasn’t given any instructions. Group 2 was told to try and forget their worries. Group 3 was asked to think pleasant thoughts.
  • The group not given any instructions took over an hour to fall asleep. The group told to forget their worries fell asleep in about 40 minutes. The group asked to think pleasant thoughts fell asleep in by far the shortest amount of time: 20 minutes.
  • Lesson – the key to good sleep is not to try to stop thinking but focus on a specific positive thought e.g. enjoying an upcoming cinema visit or a nice picnic you enjoyed and lastly think in images to emulate imagining and dreaming i.e. what are the colours, is there wind? Become engrossed to become relaxed.
Declan “Enjoyable and Restorative Sleep” Treanor

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