Stop doing this when you’re feeling busy – it’s making you miserable!

Why do we always cut our battery recharge short?

During periods we feel overwhlmed with work.

Stop killing yourself

When we are under pressure we work tired because we stay up late to work longer and more inefficiently which means we kill tomorrow’s productivity.

Here’s some proof:

Stanford University researchers took 11 members of the school basketball team and enrolled them in an experiment.

The study was simple: 11 players were made to sleep for 8 and a half hours every night, for 5 weeks straight. Everyone else on the team continued with their regular sleep regimen, which, on average, was about 6 ½ hours of sleep per night.

The normal groups performance was the same.

The group forced to get more sleep were like different players.

Their free throw percentage shot up by 9%, their 3-point shooting jumped 9.2%, and they were even running faster, shaving half a second off their sprint time.

So how do we start to improve our sleep?

1. No caffeine after 14.00 (it takes 6-hours to clear from your system and can stop you from getting to sleep but also disrupt the quality of the sleep you do get).

2. Set a “wrap up” work phone reminder to beep at 17.30 and a leave work reminder at 18.00 to ensure you don’t become a busy fool by staying in and perfecting those 3 flawless emails until 20.00 that won’t be read until tomorrow and could have waited until then.

3. Reduce exposure to blue light i.e. a form of light coming from computer screens and digital devices. Read a book instead or for phone users see if there are lights dimming options. The photo below shows how it’s possible for iPhone users (called night shift mode). Why this is important is that we evolved to wake and fall asleep with the natural light patterns (think of our cavemen ancestors – electricity literally and figuratively flipt the switch on this natural process).

Declan “Sleep Soundly and Restoratively” Treanor


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