You have to work at your work life to feel more content – 3 easy to read articles to help make it happen!

The articles being shared this week will help you to hone in on the work that matters, do more in less time and with greater quality and to see how clutter is holding you back in your life and career.

Article 1: Know whether your a night owl or early bird and use your high energy time wisely.

Fascinating article which made me think should we all be starting work at the same time? Early birds and night owls alike? This can cause resentment and false labels on colleagues like lazy.

One of many other eye opening concepts was how we match our tasks of the day to our energy levels:

“Logical reasoning tends to peak between 10am and noon; problem-solving between noon and 2pm; while mathematical calculations tend to be fastest around 9pm. We also experience a post-lunch dip in alertness and concentration between about 2pm and 3pm. However, these are averages, so an early riser’s peak in problem-solving may arrive several hours earlier than a night owl’s.”

Article 2: Stop entering your email inbox with curiosity!

I’m a firm believer in entering your email inbox with an action mindset and not just curiosity. This article provides top tips that could free up to more than 30 minutes of your time each day 👌

2 of the 5 tips included in this top article are:

* Turn off notifications and instead check your email hourly

* Move every email out of your inbox the first time you read it

The rest make the article well worth a read too 👌

Article 3: Declutter your work and home life leaving more time for what matters…

Cracking article on how clutter contributes more to a sense of dissatisfaction as we get older.

How the social expectations of what a middle class home should look like can cause negative chemical reactions in our bodies when we don’t live up to this.

There are some great points on managing clutter in the article including asking yourself before your next purchase – is this going to add to a sense of dysfunction in my home?

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