You’d be radiant, energetic and flourish – that’s what!

Here’s how to start:

Use this simple but oh so effective analogy as a new mantra.

Next time you know you’re making a terrible nutrition decision like eating a full tub of ben and jerrys ask yourself this:

Why am I putting shitty fuel in my Ferrari (our bodies) and expecting it to run well?

We treat materialistic goods with more respect than our own bodies.

When we change our attitudes about how we treat our own bodies it is amazing how much our bodies give back.

We will avoid slumps in mood and energy from messed up blood sugar levels, feelings of guilt like the following will be a thing of the past:

“I should stop eating cookies. You’ve had 5 already you slob. Really you are a disgrace. But look there’s only 3 left and once I eat them I’ll never bring another pack into this apartment again. I swear!”

3 cookies later:

“Why did you do that? You have no self-control. You should be ashamed. I’ll only eat lettuce leaves for a month to put this right. Oh my god, that’s so depressing!”

Living this mantra, you will learn to replace sugary, fatty foods for healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables. As a result you will have so much authentic energy for your interactions with your nearest and dearest.

We all want to grow to be the dad/mom/cool aunt or uncle/role model able to play football or tag with our younger admirers.

I’m so happy I came across the ferrari analogy while reading the excellent book “Lean Health” by Paul Akers.

It’s all about focusing on your most important possession – your body!

Take a moment to think about that – they are some serious hard-hitting words 😊

They’re only as impactful as the recipient’s willingness to continuously improve…

Declan “Ferrari” Treanor

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