Drop a jean size crew lose 24kg between them in 31-days with an effective nutrition plan and NOT a fad diet.

Why do most people fail on fat loss? The answers aren’t the obvious ones which are lack of willpower or the accumulation of bad habits over time.

Want to overcome whatever is holding you back on your bodyshape goals? Make sure to read on…

Claire here is one of many who fitted better in those trousers after the nutrition plan challenge, dropping 5kg during the 31-day process.

Jeans Goals-5951
Give me my trousers back! Day 31 of the challenge 🙂



Too much food choice and not having a clear nutrition plan to follow are the key reasons. So if you don’t have a clear and concise nutrition plan telling you what to eat and when to eat it then you should plan to fail with your body composition goals.

Furthermore, you must have a strong why for the weight loss and drive it with positivity. Some people who took part in the challenge needed to lose weight for health reasons, others wanted to get their mojo back and stop blaming others for falling short on their weight and nutrition goals.

Here’s why we decided to go for aiming to fit into a tighter pair of jeans or tee shirt rather than focusing solely on what the scales was telling us:

I will let the video testimonials from the members of the drop a jean size group explain the rest of what the nutrition plan entailed and what it taught them.

There were ten members in the group in total. 7 of the 10 lost weight and those who did not have recognised what they will put right in future. Marcus, one of the those who lost weight (6.7kg) followed an alternative nutrition plan called the ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat diet) to good effect.

The group bonded massively over the 31-days sharing their anguish, success stories, enjoyment of getting back to more fresh food and desribing the recipes that worked for them knowing it would inspire the others. They did this mostly via the Whatsapp group dedicated to the challenge. Here’s a little more on why they found it so helpful:

Most interstingly the group all agreed they would like the Whatsapp group dedicated to dropping a jean size (aka losing stubborn body fat) to remain open for another month. They have showed intelligence as they realise that it is now about consolidating the good habits of the nutrition plan and making it the new normal.

They do not want it to be a flash in the pan like so many other fad diets where you lose huge amounts of weight only to put it back on within a month of stopping the unsustainable diet.

This awesome crew are commited to this healtheir and happier way of living!

Jeans Goals-6074
Experiences are best shared!


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