Optimise your workspace/workplace design and layout in order to Thrive!

If I owned my own gym here’s what I would do in the reception area…

People buy into a culture they believe in.

Many gym goers come over to me after a training session with the unlock your potential crew and ask:

“How do I get involved?”

They like how I have the specific workout stuck on the wall, that we high five each other after the exercise session because we’re in it together etc.

Now to answer the question, what I would do is at reception I would have two frames.

One with a big tee shirt the other with a smaller tee shirt. They represent the positive body transformation of one member each month i.e. their before and after results.

That tells a story – a culture! That we’re results focused and proud of our people.

You see the small details matter like how you design and manage your workspace so in this graphic are some other tips you can use to ensure the design of your workspace and workplace get the best from you and your people:

Office Design

Happy hump day!

Declan “delightful design” Treanor

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