31-day drop a jean size challenge passes half way point and these nutrition efforts and weight loss results are unbelievable!

I’m extremely proud of the nutrition efforts being made by the awesome crew of 10 people I’m health coaching through the 31-day drop a jean size challenge. Find out the key to their big (or should I say smaller) positive results so far.

2 weeks-ago they gave me a pair of trousers that were not fitting at all or were too tight for comfort and we will all come together as they pick up the trousers in 14 days when they will fit as snug as a bug in a rug.

Claire G
Drop off day

I love this challenge for fat loss as it’s about what your moving towards (nice fitting clothes and a more confident you). It doesn’t focus on what you’re moving away from (highly processed, comfort foods).

I have asked them to follow a strict nutrition plan during the challenge. Lauren who is down 2.5kg has acknowledged it’s tough but that it has helped her realise that additions to breakfast like bread, butter and jam weren’t necessary in providing her with satisfying levels of fullness and energy.

We are strategically keeping carbohydrates low at certain meals as excess is stored as fat on the body.

Marcus (down 3.5kg) has even managed to keep the discipline despite being away with work. To do this involved discipline and needs advanced planning to foresee, plan and visualize how you will manage scenarios when out of your comfort zone. Checking the hotels menu for healthy options in advance is a good start point.

Their creative meals that are higher in healthy fats and protein and lower in carbs have amazed me. Ann-Catrin shared these photos of a couple of eye-opening tasty meals that meet these requirements which she prepared:

Left, we have prawns with with avocado (blended with Greek yogurt and a splash of lemon juice), top right we have boiled eggs, smoked halibut, olives and cherry tomatoes and bottom right we have fried salmon, cherry tomatoes, chorizo and black olives.

Ann-Catrin shared these to our Whatsapp group so all could learn from her culinary skills. The Whatsapp group has been a fountain of support and helpful resources for all the participants. We are keeping each other accountable.

Andrew Camilleri (down 3kg) shared the following photo of a higher carbohydrate higher protein meal he prepared last night. This is the meal which we allow a higher level of carbohydrate in.

Andrew C
Simple and effective – sweet potato fries with homemade beef chilli.

It’s as much about the foods they are choosing not to eat. Stine and Nathalie both walked away from the following tasty options at recent events. Nobody said it’s easy – stay strong folks!

We are allowed one snack a day. Which is a soup in the afternoon to keep us from snacking on treats from the cupboards in the evening. Here are some awesome efforts at this.

On the left we have butternut squash soup and on the right we have leek and potato soup.

When people within the group have slipped which is inevitable the support within the group has helped lift them up. Claire (down 3kg) advises that when she feels she had overdone it on a treat meal that the following day she makes up with it on a spin bike or racking up that step count with plenty of walking.

Hot Stepper

Lastly, I’m delighted Lauren took my advice to implement the fun 14 tracker for the last fortnight of the challenge. Every day she adheres to the nutrition plan she puts a tick in the box. Simply put, the more ticks the greater the weight loss. Important again to note that this is a positive goal which focuses on what we’re moving towards and achieving the building blocks to get there. The reward is in achieving the mini goals themselves and seeing the tick on the page.

Lauren Positivty

I trust this group to finish this out strong and continue their commitment to the process which has enabled these exceptional halfway point results.


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