Who knew you could learn so much from a movie…

Here’s three things I learned from watching Home Alone for the hundredth time during the holidays.

I think they’re really important to carry in to 2019.

1. Good vs Evil.

We all have our own perceptions of what this is but what we love about this movie is that the innocent child wins out over the evil robbers.

We have all experienced negative people and experiences in our lives.

If we can take ownership of how we contributed to such negative experiences e.g. allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of then we can acknowledge that and grow to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Kevin (the kid) in this movie has the confidence to face up to the baddies even though running away would have been the easier option.

Knowing the right times to stand up for ourselves is important and developing the confidence to do so is equally important.

Take ownership for your happiness, do not blame other people for the fact that you are not in the shape you want or you didn’t get the promotion.

Look at the factors that have got you there and take corrective measures then decide 2019 will be a year of ownership and self-accountability. Am I doing the work to reach ‘x’ meaningful goal I’ve set myself?

2. As a child I laughed at the pain the robbers go through when subjected to the pain maze that is the booby traps set up by Kevin. Now I wince.

As we get older our bodies naturally pick up aches, pains and injuries. We empathise with others more now we’ve experienced it when once as kids we felt indestructible.

Exercise is a sure way to get towards that indestructible feeling again.

Treat your body like a machine. If you don’t use a machine – it rusts and becomes useless.

2019 is the year we look after our most treasured machines – our bodies 😊

3. “You’re never too old to be afraid”.

My favourite quote from the film. It’s by the Late Roberts Blossom (Old Man Marley).

When I watched adults as a kid, I was in awe of how they appeared to be able to deal with any social situation and wondered would I ever get to a stage of feeling so fearless.

Now that I am an adult, I realise we are all petrified of something. Maybe it’s failure, maybe it’s something bad happening to a loved one, maybe it’s rejection.

Let 2019 be the year that we’re afraid to begin something we know is important and do it anyway!

It’s through stepping outside our comfort zone that real growth comes.

It’s time to start wrapping up with this telling image.

One Day or Day One

What’s your meaningful goal?

Go for it now!

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

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