In all of my research and through interaction with friends and clients alike I have come to one massive realisation.

Happiness comes through shared experience. Some of the toughest times we get through (and tough times are inevitable) can be made all the harder when we isolate ourselves often as a result of fear, guilt and shame.

My mother always told me a problem shared is a problem halved. Let’s reach out, embrace challenges as well as each other and open up even when it’s hard because it can only make things better than beating ourselves up!

Moving into 2019 let’s love others as much as possible as the true source of happiness. Happiness comes from contributing to the happiness of others and placing trust in them.

When we desperately focus on improving our own situation it can feel isolating and exhausting. Let’s reach out to improve others which has that satisfying knock on effect on our own self-worth.

Struggles at social events through over eating and over drinking can be avoided when we focus more on the quality of our interactions at such events. We can’t do this when we are more preoccupied with food and drink 😉

I remember a father telling a story once of gorging on pancakes at lunch so much so that he didn’t have energy to play with his kid properly that afternoon. He learned and realised that short term motivation like being able to play with his kid wholeheartedly in the afternoon motivated him more to make healthy decisions at lunch than to live longer which is too abstract as a motivator.

Lastly, let me mention the healthiest and most addictive drug in life which we need to reach for more often in place of sweets, cigarettes, alcohol and so on.

Have you guessed it?

Yes – it’s exercise. If we can create the habit of more and more often grabbing the running shoes instead of opening the food cupboard or our favourite bottle then we are already taking a massive step towards a healthier and happier new year in which we thrive and don’t just survive!

Open the video for a final 2019 game changing message for the better!

Thanks for all your support, interaction and care in 2018. It’s mutual and long may it last 😊

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