Loads going on this week. Take 2 minutes to read the piece and watch the clips to round out your week on a fun, positive note while getting ready to kick ass and take on whatever next week throws at us!

The perfect 5-minute rise and shine morning exercise routine is included along with a lunch time salad sensation giving you great flavour and prolonged energy for a fruitful afternoons work and find out the mistake that most employees and companies are making as well as how to correct it and  use it to your advantage.

As and added bonus an hilarious joke is included. And I can’t take credit for this week’s one (you might be glad to hear 😉).

Rise and shine amigos, let’s put some pep in our step for the day 💪💪 5 minute morning exercise routine:

20 push ups (3 seconds down 1 up)

20 squats (3 seconds down 1 up)

10 single leg deadlifts each leg

10 plank to push plank transitions

Now that you will have a buzz from that morning exercise why not prolong it with a healthy and satisfying lunch option?

Salad Sensation


Big tomatoes chopped.


Crumbling of blue cheese and walnuts.

Salad leaves.

Chopped apple (experimented with this – I would choose it or the tomatoes next time not both).

Black olives.

Dressing (extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey).

So we’ve had excellent lunch time fuel and now it’s time to perform on the job. Continous improvement is something we all strive for (let’s face it nobody wants to get worse..) – so here’s a simple way to do it that most of us aren’t taking advantage of!

Here’s a massive mistake that companies and employees alike are making!

We’re omitting to do this and it’s costing us in reduced productivity.

Improvement PointSmiley Review System

I’ve read hundreds of horrendous complaints on trip advisor reviews.

They were from people venting their frustrations about a poor meal.

Whether this is the right or wrong way to give feedback, if used in the right way it could help these restaurants improve.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when at a restaurant in De Haan, Belgium recently we were given a score card by the waiter (along with a few tasty mints which helped 😉) after our meal.

On it they asked the most important question we could all learn from to continuously improve.

If you could improve one thing about our restaurant what would you suggest?

I complemented the waiter on this initiative on the way out the door, he replied, “Without your feedback we won’t improve.” Love it!

Why I think employees alike can learn from this is we could ask a colleague (maybe even a superior) for one improvement tip after your next report/presentation.

This takes away you second guessing yourself by a complete reliance on self-evaluation and by limiting it to one improvement you are respecting the time constraints of your customer/colleague.

Ok enough of the serious stuff what about that joke that has been promised.

I love when legendary trainers like Claire share banter on our whatsapp group to help us have a laugh and keep positive throughout the day!

And on this hilarious photo I bid you adieu until next time…


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