Howdy Folks,

So another productive week with plenty to share.

From workplace productivity to highly effective leg & shoulder exercises to the most delicious salad ever to unleashing your creative genius to two of the best jokes you will ever hear! Yes they’re even better than the cracking joke I shared on last week’s round up.

As ever the story will come mostly in the form of snaps and videos:

Here’s some workplace wisdom to carry into next week for a more productive, enjoyable and rewarding work week.


Here’s why I feel the above message is so important:

Work should be a space you never complain about colleagues in front of clients and
Don’t complain in general (energy waste) – point out solvable problems instead (productive).
“I don’t get paid enough”
“Here’s how I positively and uniquely contribute to hitting our targets and for these reasons am requesting a raise…”

Now you’ve got one gem of wisdom on creating a positive work environment here’s one on creating a calmer less frantic one:


Let’s balance out this work talk with some simple exercises to help you build strength on different areas of your body. Thanks to top trainer Andrew Camilleri for both demos.

Training Tip from video 1:

Don’t neglect the muscles on the back side of our bodies. They’re not as visible on the beach or at the pool but equally important for all round strength and health.

Thanks to Andrew for demonstrating good shoulder and upper back exercises here. 3 sets of each exercise for 4-8 repetitions is a good start point.

Training Tip from video 2:

Never skip legs day especially when it’s the lead in to the weekend 👌

Andrew the Maltese Maestro is doing a great job on the partial single leg squats here to work on his leg strength 🇲🇹💪💪

Higher reps with smaller weights will help you get used to the movement if you’re a beginner.

Now when we’re working our body hard in the gym we need to match it with great fuel to help keep our energy at an optimal level.

The next dish was made by me and the recipe and ingredients came from the hello fresh delivery service I’m subscribed too.

Here’s the recipe and a snap of the dish:



Remember that food and creating dishes are a thing of beauty. They can assail our senses like smell (in this case tearing the mint), sight (the deep red colour of beetroot), texture (crunchy pan fried walnuts) and taste (salty feta to name only one of the delightful flavours). Truly fuel to perform 💪💪

As we strive to thrive through peak performance do not forget to slow down and have a laugh at ourselves and others in an attempt to not let life get too serious. On that note here’s some “attempted comedy” to see out the week!

Serene Sunday Reflection – you need to read this!

You will never guess how Einstein made his theory of relativity break through…

While looking at a clock tower in Bern.

He wondered what would happen if a street car sped away from the tower at the speed of light. This was his eureka moment!

Why is this relevant to me you might ask?

Get outside and allow your subconscious to contribute to the creation of your masterpiece.

Sometimes our best creative ideas come when we stop actively chasing solutions!

I had the pleasure of sitting beside the genius himself yesterday while walking around De Haan.

This beautiful seaside city offered me a safe haven for relaxation and subconscious creativity.

Happy Week gone and ahead!

Declan “Feeling Inspired” Treanor

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