Lot’s of exciting things going on of late. From tasty high energy beetroot pancakes to creative exercises which can be done with ZERO equipment to the worst but also the best jokes all in one. Take a quick look!

The pancake experience is summed up best through photos and videos:

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Make sure to take a look at these quick videos for a full flavour of the culinary expertise that went down πŸ˜‰

And here’s why I wanted to learn to make them. Sickeningly sweet energy bars just weren’t doing it for me during long distance events.

Trying to get better on nutrition is good, even better if we can start getting more exercise in too.

Training Tip to accompany the video below:

Oh so simple exercise to develop leg strength and balance.
You can do it anywhere there is a step πŸ˜„
Remember the trailing (non working) leg just feathers the ground and step to maximise the tension on the working leg. In this case my right leg.
Remember to start with your ‘less strong’ side and do an equal number on each leg. 3 sets of 8 on each side is a good start point.
Happy Training!

Lastly, a few cheesy jokes to finish of the round up with a smile on your face (can’t believe I told one of them in front of a live audience in Starbucks):

Happy Thursday!

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