Legendary Littaye on performing across Boxing, Academia and Entrepreneurship – this lady packs a punch and speaks frankly!

Alexandra Littaye has overcome great adversity to achieve excellence in sport, academia and entrepreneurship.

Kubas junge Box-Champions
Rolling with the punches

This was all the more difficult as she has battled with bulimia and talks frankly about how she has improved her relationship with food.

There is so much to learn in this audio podcast. Her advice on getting physically and mentally ready for the big event whether it be a boxing match or big sales pitch is next to none. Make sure to take some time to listen to these gems of wisdom!

A nice way of listening to podcasts is to match tasks. Why not listen to our discussion while going out for a walk? No better way to boost your energy levels naturally while gaining knowledge.

Some top insights Alexandra shared in our audio podcast posted below are:

  • The magic of the pinole ingredient. A legacy from the Aztecs. Made of blue corn, pinole packs a nutritional punch. Pinole is also one of the secret weapons of the best ultra-runners in the world. Alexandra shows us how to create a market for a product which we are passionate about. This is achieved through looking at popular market segments (like gluten free) as well as honing in on your potential customer’s wants. Alexandre discussed getting the balance right.
Food Entrepreneur
Cooking up a Storm!
  • The beauty of boxing. “It was the most intense, hard and painful thing I’ve ever done and I loved it”. Maybe this is why she got an eight pack through tough 8 time a week training sessions. Women pursuing sporting excellence are changing perceptions to the point where it is not only ok but desirable for women to have muscles and a nice shape. Hopefully this continues.
  • Struggling with bulimia. How an unhealthy relationship with food can start. We discuss parents taking great pride in how much there kids eat and a lot more…
  • How bulimia became a daily struggle. “What am I going to eat and where am I going to puke it?” Alexandra shares how she opened up for the first time about her bulimia in the strangest of fashions – this was the start of a new and happier food relationship. A problem shared is a problem halved!
  • How she shares the eating disorder with everyone and refuses to feel shamed by it. Guilt and isolation can drive you deeper into despair.
  • More recently she has committed to the keto diet. This has helped to take away the munchies. She has also learned to tell the voice that says I could still try to lose 2-3kg to go fuck itself.
  • Alexandra shares preparation keys that help unleash peak performance. Interesting rituals are some shadow boxing before corporate pitches and how changing your mindset to embrace nervous energy rather than chase it away can hold the key.
    • This mindset helped her achieve a KO in her first competitive fight.
Takes no prisoners
She packs a punch!
  • Getting it right for pitching her company is equally as important. She performed to the max in the Oxford idea idol competition. Oxford best’s ideas for start-ups. Being the only woman competing may have given added incentive. “That was the best pitch I’ve ever done. I was told to drop my company idea and make a career of pitching”.
    • She wasn’t just delivering the prepared pitch but also tuning in with the audience. Also, Alexandra was extremely well prepared and had bars for the judges. Confident to the point she welcomed any questions because she has the belief that this product is the next nike.
  • The importance of asking yourself – when you’re 80 what would you have liked your thoughts to have been about? This will help you realise a lot of thoughts are “unfucking acceptable”!!!
    • I try not to think about the past too much. Replaying it over and over again.
  • Mindfulness helps take charge of these thoughts. Nobody is in our head and if they are we get to get rid of them. It helps recognise the thoughts. See them skipping through your head and then developing an ability to tell them where to skip by bringing attention to our next task again and again.
  • She gives so much workout advice including the never skip legs day mantra. She had lots of squats and hill sprints (although she’d rather do 50 push ups than 1 sprint day) to do while boxing. Don’t just focus on the vanity muscles! Another insight is – you don’t need to kill yourself at every workout. Trying to make significant gains – you don’t need to feel like death after every session. Western culture says give 110% or go home – we need to change this message.
  • She gives examples of what complete relaxation looks like. This is so important in today’s busy age! Alexandra blocks out two weeks every Christmas to hug her boyfriend and read books. The only stress is about who makes the next pot of tea.
  • Here’s one example of her ruthless focus for success advice. Leave your phone in the toilet, lock it there and leave it. Then visualize whatever it is that performance is going to look like. I can slip the jab, catch it, parry it etc. 2 minutes everyday – just try it (doesn’t have to be a boxing visualisation – could be a presentation at work)!
Ready to Rumble
Predict how it’s going to go down!
  • Learn what space you need to be in in order to perform best. Alexandra performs best when she’s a little bit angry. She thanks Eminem for the pump up music to get her in that zone. She also does some shadow boxing in the bathroom before a corporate pitch. What’s your pump up routine?
  • A ruthless approach in the lead up to big events is important. Be prepared to tell those close to you that you may be a little short in the lead up to the event and be prepared to apologise if you are.
  • Two tips for those who suffer from performance anxiety from Alexandra is – have a pebble or stone – rub it as an anchor to ground you. Another is to push hard for 10 seconds into the hands then let everything go. You are your body!
  • Believe it or not, there is so much more great advice from Alexandra so make sure to have a listen. There are also some great laughs throughout…

For more info on Alexandre’s company check out – https://www.azurefoods.uk/en/our-story/

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