Lola Mansour Judoka Extraordinaire – Battling for Betterment on and off the mat

Lola shares her top tips on becoming an elite athlete, world class martial artist and balancing sport/student life.


Make sure to listen to the audio podcast shared at the bottom of the article over 2 recordings to learn to remain balanced and happy despite all that life can throw at you.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

1. How to deal with the universal fear of not feeling good enough. Two things you must know to overcome this feeling.

2. Upsetting the odds and winning as an underdog.

3. Loving chocolate yet still using nutrition as fuel to perform.

4. How after a certain point strengthening your weak points may become counter productive. There might be another way…

5. Why trying to compete in everything is holding you back.

6. Pursuing what you’re passionate about. Beware those who can hijack this – she reveals particular people to be wary of listening to too much.

7. The importance of working on the mental side of your game too. Lola now works with a mentality improvement coach to ensure a stronger mind to match her strong body.

8. Why a pre-match ritual is key to get you in the zone. Lola does a rigorous pre fight warm up where she seeks to replicate fight intensity. Then she has a few words with her coach and lastly she does a jump right before fight time to get into warrior mode.

8. Lola let’s us know how she deals with opponents giving her murderous eyes before the fight. This is as close as it gets to mind games in judo as smack talk is not allowed. Again this is linked to its Japanese roots based on respect between fighters. This can help us all in dealing with those people potentially holding us back.

9. How we can all learn from the respect and commitment to perfection of the Japanese mindset. Lola shares how coming second was congratulated by all her training partners yet her Japanese coach still wanted more and pushed her by asking why she hadn’t won gold…

10. Suffering a bad injury can be really tough for an athlete but make sure to listen to see how Lola used it to come back stronger.

11. Dealing with the disappointment of not making the Rio Olympics made Lola reflect on whether she wants to continue to go “all in” on her intense judo journey.

12. Ensure meaningful work through asking yourself this one question. You may need to ask it a few times until you start getting real with yourself. It will help you “put purpose” in everything you do. Kayla Harrison (2 time Olympic champion and idol to Lola) used this in her approach to top performance.

13. “After 4 hours of studying I’m so happy to be on the mat and don’t have to think anymore”. College has really helped Lola find the balance that was missing when she was solely concentrating on judo. When she only did judo it gave her too much time to reflect on any poor performance or mistakes she was making. This is no longer possible with course work as well.

Believe it or not there is still so many more helpful hints included in the audio podcasts here:

Thanks Lola!

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