Trainee to Trainer: Gabi’s journey to health and how to guide yourself and others on this path

Gábor Szilágyi is a health coach based in Brussels. In this podcast we discuss how the media has created distorted views when it comes to exercise.

Gabi’s approach is to use different kinds of exercise to help his clients become strong and healthy for everyday life and movements.

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Have suffered a bad lumbar spine injury while pursuing a professional soccer career Gabi became aware of the importance of looking after all aspects of training. Elements like recovery, mobility, flexibility and strength. Often athlete’s training is too fixed on only one element of training so it is no wonder there are injuries.

Gabi learned from his personal experience and provides the upmost care to his clients in order to give them what they need exercise wise for a healthier and happier life.

Here are the tips he has shared for aspiring professional footballers, people looking to feel healthier on an everyday basis and anyone who wants to become a personal trainer.

Here’s a taste of what the audio podcast posted below contains and why you would be crazy not to have a listen:

  • How Gabi got to an elite level in soccer and trained with top players like Louis Saha and Sylvain Distin.
  • As an aspiring footballer you will need to get a team of people in place to offer you advice on all the elements contributing to performance e.g. sports psychologist, physio, nutritionist etc.
  • Preparation is a massive element in overcoming performance anxiety.
  • Being introverted shouldn’t hold you back from being a great captain.


  • A description of the 4 types of training we should all use to optimise health. Gabi is a firm believer in this type of training and having trained with him I can see its huge benefits. This photo defines the 4 quadrants and is from the institute of motion which is an organisation Gabi recommends to other trainers to check out.

4 quadrants institue of motion

  • Why high heels can be a contributor to injury…
  • Injuries related to too much time sitting and how to prevent them.
  • The danger of a trainer or trainee believing that sessions have to be killer sessions each time.
  • How 6 proper breaths can be the start of major change in your life.
  • Gabi’s nutrition tips that he used for himself and also how he likes the following simple approach to nutrition from world renowned trainer Dan John.

Eat Like an Adult

Now for the podcast itself:

Thanks Gabi for all the gems of wisdom!

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